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Holiday Lighting

Brighten Up Your Holidays with Custom Holiday Lighting Services

The Holiday lighting is our staple service throughout the winter, providing custom fit lights to more than 200 clients. Our holiday light service includes a free estimate and consultation with the client to see what configuration best fits their holiday light needs. After the installation of our custom fit lights, the lights are covered under warranty for the duration of the season such that any mishaps and faulty equipment will be promptly fixed to return the lights to working order. As soon as the new year begins, so does our take-down process, each client has their lights swiftly and safely removed and made ready for storage. We begin scheduling our holiday light clients as early as August and begin installing as early as October. The season is a short period of time with most of the installation completed by the second week of December. Generally, weather dependent the take-down process is done by February and we are on the rainy season services.